About Us

Advanced Project Integration Limited in short API is a software development company having its Head Office in Dhaka Bangladesh. Our specialties lay in very cost-effective rapid prototyping, full-cycle software development and testing/QA, sustaining/maintaining and supporting existing software and infrastructure and AI based IoT product development.

Our current team consists of a range of specializations:


AWS Solution Architect 

Software Architects/Analysts

Software Project Managers

Software Engineers

QA Engineers

IT Engineers


Depending on customer needs, API can provide individual or team (single or cross-functional level) projects or time-based billing in a competitive package within the shortest possible time. We love to discuss each individual customer needs, whether they are at the Primary, Medium, Built or post Built stage and we strive to address those specific needs with the utmost of care, dedication, and sincerity.


Note that, as a software development company, we do not rely solely on marketing or outright sales efforts to generate our business and prove our credibility. Rather, our track record is built upon timely deliverance of projects to our clients over the years and their testimonies of satisfactory performances speak for themselves. That is why we call our sales team more of a Technical Analyst team, who can discuss their dream projects with clients, assess related technical problems, and suggest cost effective and timely solutions to resolve them by providing a win-to-win solution for both the parties.



- API is moving forward with absolute focus on understanding the market needs with up-to-date technological services and providing all kinds of support services according to the organizational requirements of each client.

- API aspires to make new revelations in business communication technology by raising the existing barrier and setting new standards for others to follow.




  • we never want to set a limit to learning. Work with different types of technology, technological solutions, and new applications which teaches us to take challenges and win.
  • Quality Service is our motto. We always look forward to your specific need to provide you with the best suitable quality solution where quality service is the key factor.
  • We work with current technologies to create new technology for the future.  We focus on future technologies to keep you upgraded always.
  • Contribute to the nation for digitaligetion 




  • We envision project needs as our highest priority.
  • Generating new ideas and developing high quality solutions and applications to provide the best output.
  • Follow the standard process to develop industrial product.